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Accessibility Concerns for the DRI Web Site

In order to better serve our Internet audience, great care has been taken to build a high degree of accessibility into this web site. Some of the prominent accessibility features are:

  • "Skip Navigation" has been implemented throughout the site in order to make our pages more convenient for visitors accessing our pages via a reader.
  • Access Hotkeys have been used in our menu system as a convenience for keyboard users. The numeric designation of our hot keys is used in order to prevent overriding common hotkey functionality already built into the operating system and browser. Unfortunately it is not possible to come up with generic hotkey designations that are universally unobtrusive. Although we acknowledge that hotkeys are not supported by all browsers, most notably Opera, this is still a convenience recommend by the W3C. Hopefully acceptance of this standard will become more widely accepted and implemented. Here is a recommended URL to follow regarding this subject - Improving accessibility with accesskey in HTML forms and links.
  • CSS is an important tool used in developing this site. One particular item of interest is the use of percentages to designate font size. This allows the site to automatically adjust to the client's preferences while maintaining a relative hierarchy for headers and text. The site has also been tested in the absence of CSS to insure that no loss of meaning or information occurs.
  • Tables are used for structural layout. Percentage widths are used to define table structure in compliance with accessibility standards. The information hierarchy has been tested in the absence of the table structure.
  • Images have been kept to a minimum and descriptive alternative text is used throughout.

Accessibility, as all web technology, is a moving target. If you see ways in which we can improve this site, please take a moment and send us an e-mail. We appreciate your input.