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DRI Dissemination Papers

The following papers are not attached to funded research projects, but were prepared for the DRI as part of the Institute's dissemination strategy.


The Effects of Survey Nonresponse and Proxy Response on Measures of Employment for Persons with Disabilities - Gerry E. Hendershot(Adobe Acrobat file Acrobat file - 664k)

Critical Legal and Policy Issues for People with Disabilities - Robert F. Rich, Christopher T. Erb, and Rebecca A. Rich(Adobe Acrobat file Acrobat file - 350k)

Disability and Employment Status Among Older Workers - Pei-Shu Ho(Adobe Acrobat file Acrobat file - 243k)

Who are the SSI-Child Beneficiaries? A Closer Look using Social Security Administrative Records and Public-Use Survey Data - Elizabeth T. Powers (Adobe Acrobat file Acrobat file - 147k)