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Project Number: p02-01c

Disabled Non-Beneficiaries Who Work

Principal Investigator: Mary Grace Kovar

Project Type: Core Research

Project Year: 02

Thematic Category: Economic Aspects of Disability

Project Summary:

There exist significant numbers of people with disabilities severe enough to qualify them for SSDI, yet who continue to be gainfully employed. Learning about these people, especially the characteristics of such persons and the factors that enable them to work, would be informative to SSA.

To learn the characteristics of persons with disabilities who are severely enough disabled to be eligible for SSDI but who do not receive benefits, the DRI will implement a three-pronged approach consisting of 1) an annotated review of existing studies, 2) an annotated review of existing data sets, and 3) an analysis of a not-yet-available linked data set.

Project Deliverables:

Final Technical Report: Disabled Non-Beneficiaries Who Work (Adobe Acrobat file Acrobat file - 195k)