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Project Number: p02-07h

Early Intervention

Principal Investigator: Monroe Berkowitz

Project Type: High Priority

Project Year: 02

Thematic Category: Return to Work

Project Summary:

The Early Intervention (EI) project is a multi-year project designed to eventually offer return to work services to SSDI applicants. In Year One, service delivery models and participant selection processes were designed. In Year Two, pilot project procedures and evaluation plans were developed. Year Three focuses primarily on the implementation and subsequent evaluation activities associated with piloting three intervention models in three states.

In Year Four, the project team will continue to refine the procedures and evaluation plans for two different service delivery models to be implemented in the three pilot states (New Mexico, Vermont, and Wisconsin). Baseline data will be collected from each state’s provider market and recommendations for provider-applicant information exchange will be developed. In addition, personal interviews with private disability insurance carriers will be conducted in order to understand the factors used to guide case management decisions and to determine if private insurers’ practices may be applicable to the EI project.

Project Deliverables: