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Project Number: p03-03c

Community-Based Rehabilitation Programs: Phase II Effective Models for SSI Beneficiaries

Principal Investigator: Fred Menz

Project Type: Core Research

Project Year: 03

Thematic Category: Transition to Work

Project Summary:

The two purposes of the project are to define community-based rehabilitation program (CRP) models that may improve outcomes for SSA beneficiaries (employment, earnings, benefits) and to prepare a methodology to evaluate and demonstrate the utility of selected models. Specific research objectives include: determining whether there are specific structural models that may be applicable to SSA recipients; interpreting and preparing descriptions of the structure, implementation and specific application issues for a small number of models that may be replicated with SSA recipients; understanding practitioner experiences and estimates of sustainable outcomes (employment, earnings, benefits) that accrue for service recipients; developing appropriate staff-development guidelines and materials for adaptation and implementation of selected models; and developing an appropriate methodology for evaluating the comparative benefits for a small number of alternative models.

Project Deliverables: