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Project Number: p03-07c

Employment Networks: The Supply Side of the Ticket to Work/Work Incentives Improvement Act (PL 106-170)

Principal Investigators: Bruce Growick and Judith Drew

Project Type: Core Research

Project Year: 03

Thematic Category: Return to Work

Project Summary:

The purpose of this project is to explore and describe the experiences and attitudes of Employment Networks as factors in the successful implementation of PL 106-170. This new and groundbreaking legislation, which allows beneficiaries to choose a vocational rehabilitation provider, can be conceptualized in terms of supply and demand. The "demand" side of the law is simply the number of beneficiaries who will be interested in receiving services so that they can return to work. The "supply" side is the number of rehabilitation providers who will be equally interested in becoming Employment Networks and assisting beneficiaries in obtaining employment. The overall success of PL 106-170 will be measured not only by the number of beneficiaries who take advantage of these new incentives, but also by the number and quality of the rehabilitation providers who become and remain an Employment Network.

Project Deliverables:

Final Report (Word file Word file - 1310k)