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Project Number: p03-08h

Adequacy of Incentives Advisory Group

Principal Investigator: Tanya Gallagher

Project Type: High Priority

Project Year: 03

Thematic Category: Return to Work

Project Summary:

The Adequacy of Incentives Advisory Group is comprised of individuals from diverse backgrounds who have research and/or experiential expertise in the successful employment of individuals with disabilities who may be "involuntary nonparticipants" in the Ticket to Work program. The Adequacy of Incentives Advisory Group will provide SSA with actionable recommendations regarding the adequacy of incentives with particular attention to individuals with disabilities in the "involuntary nonparticipant group. (Involuntary nonparticipants include: 1) individuals with a need for ongoing support and services; 2) individuals with a need for high-cost accommodations; 3) individuals who earn a sub-minimum wage; and 4) individuals who work and receive partial cash benefits.)

Project Deliverables:

Final Report: Recommendations for Improving Implementation of the Ticket to Work and Self-Sufficiency Program (Regulatory and Administrative Changes) (Word file Acrobat file - 416k)