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Project Number: p04-08s

Evaluating the Long-Term Employment Outcomes of Vocational Rehabilitation Participants Using Survey and Administrative Data

Principal Investigators: David H. Dean and Todd Honeycutt

Project Type: Small Grant

Project Year: 04

Thematic Category: Return to Work

Project Summary:

This project examines long-term employment earnings using two sets of data: the Longitudinal Survey of the Vocational Rehabilitation Services Program, a 3-year longitudinal survey of VR participants; and VR administrative data from Virginia matched to state unemployment insurance records. Analyses will be performed to compare earnings among those who do and do not complete VR services and to predict earnings using consumer variables, pre-employment earnings, disability measures, and VR interventions. The results will inform policymakers about: (1) the earnings outcomes of VR programs nationally and for Virginia; (2) the ability of VR to promote employment outcomes that meet the requirements of SGA; and (3) the comparison of results obtained from a national survey and state-specific administrative data for VR evaluation.