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Project Number: p04-10h

Improving Employment Outcomes for Youth with Disabilities: Learning from the Youth Transition Process Demonstration Innovations

Principal Investigator: Tanya Gallagher

Project Type: High Priority

Project Year: 04

Thematic Category: Transition to Work

Project Summary:

The Social Security Administration (SSA) is sponsoring the Youth Transition Process Demonstration (YTPD), a demonstration designed to improve employment outcomes for youth with disabilities. The demonstration seeks to create innovative approaches for improving the transition from school to work, primarily by integrating systems and linking services, for youth who receive or may eventually receive Social Security benefits due to disability. Researchers in this project will work closely with each of the seven YTPD sites to develop a rigorous research design, assist the sites in developing their evaluation plans, and conduct cross-site analyses. This information will enable those working to improve employment outcomes for youth with disabilities to learn as much as possible from the innovative approaches used.