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Research by Theme

Return to Work

Adequacy of Incentives (Project Number: p03-08h)

Age of Disability Onset and Employment Outcomes: Results from the NHIS-D (Project Number: p03-05c)

Back to Basics: Understanding the Vocational Rehabilitation and Ticket-to-Work Needs of Latinos with Disabilities (Project Number: p04-09s)

Barriers to Employment Among Persons with Mental Impairments (Phase II) (Project Number: p02-04c)

Barriers to Employment Among Persons with Mental Impairments (Project Number: p01-04c)

Designing an Early Intervention Experiment and Demonstration Approach for the Social Security Administration (Project Number: p01-01c)

Defining Suitable Employment Goals for the SSDI Population (Project Number: p04-11c)

Early Intervention (Project Number: p02-07h)

Employers and Persons with Disabilities: Economic and Legal Barriers to Increasing Employment of SSA Beneficiaries and Applicants (Project Number: p04-04c)

Employment Networks: The Supply Side of the Ticket to Work/Work Incentives Improvement Act (PL 106-170) (Project Number: p03-07c)

Employment Outcomes for Persons with Disabilities in a Mature Economic Environment (Project Number: p01-05c)

Evaluating the Long-Term Employment Outcomes of Vocational Rehabilitation Participants Using Survey and Administrative Data (Project Number: p04-08s)

Human Factors and Employment Issues Related to the Use of Assistive Technologies (Project Number: p02-05c)

New Work Arrangements and Disability Income (Project Number: p01-03c)

A Qualitative Methodology for Examining the Ticket to Work Program Among African American Disabled in Chicago, Illinois (Project Number: p04-13s)

Predictive Modeling of SSA Beneficiary, Employer, and Employment Network Attributes Associated with the Use of Return to Work Incentives Phase I: Ticket to Work Incentives (Project Number: p04-02h)


Transition to Work

Accessing the World of Work: Concerns of African Americans with Disabilities Seeking Employment (Project Number: p03-06s)

Community Rehabilitation Programs (Phase I) (Project Number: p02-03c)

Community-Based Rehabilitation Programs: Phase II Effective Models for SSI Beneficiaries (Project Number: p03-03c)

Determinants of the Adult Achievement of Child SSI Beneficiaries: Evidence from Linked Public-Use Data and Social Security Administration Records (Project Number: p03-02s)

Facilitating the Transition to Employment of Childhood SSI Beneficiaries and Other Children with Disabilities (Project Number: p03-04c)

Improving Employment Outcomes for Youth with Disabilities: Learning from the Youth Transition Process Demonstration Innovations (Project Number: p04-10h)

Transition Option(s) for Child SSI Recipients (Project Number: p04-01c)

Transition to Work of Youth with Disabilities: An Analysis from the Longitudinal Study of the Vocational Rehabilitation Services Program (LSVRSP) Database (Project Number: p04-05c)


Disability Determination Process

Disability Claims, Review, Hearings and Appeals Procedures: An Analysis of Administrative Best Practices (Project Number: p04-03c)

Job Demands (Project Number: p02-06c)

Research Approaches for Validation of SSA's Medical Listings (Project Number: p01-02c)


Economic Aspects of Disability

Disabled Non-Beneficiaries Who Work (Project Number: p02-01c)

Epidemiologic, Sociodemographic, and Economic Influences on Trends in Disability Rates (Project Number: p04-06c)

The Impact of Changes in the Occupational and Industrial Mix Between 1970 and 2000 on the Employment of Persons With and Without Disabilities (Project Number: p03-01c)

The Impact of Demographic and Labor Force Participation Changes on the Social Security Disability Insurance and Medicare Programs (Project Number: p04-07c)

Learning from Others: Temporary and Partial Disability Benefits (Project Number: p04-12h)

Paths to the Disability Insurance Program (Project Number: p02-02c)